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Top Tech Investors

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I counted 2 women on that list…

Um hello?

In “What Women Want,” Mr. Underhill argues that the female dollar has never been as strong as it is now and that it is simply good business to figure out how best to sell to this broad demographic. In 2005, he says, “for the first time in history, young women under the age of thirty in the largest American cities overtook men in earning power.”

If these tech investors are full of men will they be able to leverage the purchasing power of women and be able to create products that are geared towards women?

Also from the BCG Study “Women Want More”

The survey results show that women are dissatisfied with the products and services available to them in many categories, largely because companies misunderstand women’s issues and fail to answer their needs. Most of all, women are overwhelmed by demands on their time and the challenges of dealing with the many roles they typically play—as wives, mothers, partners, professionals, friends, colleagues, sisters, and daughters. They are most dissatisfied with three of today’s most important consumer-goods categories: financial services, health care, and consumer durables…

from the same book,

“only small percentage of companies understand the significance of female economy to their businesses… these companies do not see the way women do… fully responding to women’s needs and dissatisfactions with products and services is a powerful way to gain share.

dur, no wonder these companies do not see the way women do, these investors are men! They’re not going to understand what females want in a product as well as women do themselves.

Not trying to man hate, just stating here’s a huge opportunity to leverage!

Multi-tasking is bad…

Recovering from Information Overload

I’m going to close my email and all other communicators when I’m working, because I do think I suffer from these perils of multi-tasking

Regardless of what these girls talk about, look how far they have come!

I remember having watched these girls on Youtube freshman year of college. They started out on Youtube talking about makeup products and now they have their own business, own reality show, have been featured several times on Seventeen Magazine, etc. They were pretty normal high school/college students, and it’s amazing that with Youtube, their lives have completely changed.


There are several other “beauty gurus” on Youtube. Michelle Phan had a blog that I followed in middle school/high school under the username “RiceBunny”. I was really impressed with her artwork and her ability to use art to create makeup looks. She then started a Youtube channel to demonstrate how to create these makeup looks, and now she is one of the most popular Youtube celebrities. She is the spokesperson for Lancome, and I’m sure she makes over 6 figures a year with her Youtube videos and sponsorships.

Phillip Defranco is probably my favorite Youtuber to watch. I’ve been following him ever since he started Youtube and I have seen every single video of his. Before Youtube he was a student at East Carolina University and pretty average joe, but now with Youtube, he’s making well over six figures just making Youtube videos! (and appearances, and the like)

Has Youtube flattened the ground in terms of making it accessible for normal everyday people to become famous? I mean all you need is a webcam and internet connection and you can be on your way to celebrity status. I mean look at Rebecca Black’s Friday Video; although her parents spent a couple thousand for the production, she instantly became an overnight sensation through Youtube. It’s amazing to think that before Youtube, these “Youtube Celebrities” may not have been famous. In order to have been a celebrity “back then”, you would need a publicist, thousands of dollars spent on advertising, portfolios, agencies, not to mention the costs for transportation and other expenses.

She Takes on the World

She Takes on the World

What a great site! I’m so glad I discovered it now. The section “In Her Heels” is such a great title!

This is so interesting…

Women Who Wear Makeup Make More Money

Maybe it’s not the actual makeup on face that contributes to higher salary, but if a woman takes care of herself, including taking the 5 minute effort of putting on some lipstick, concealer, mascara, and the like, she presents a more professional image that is likely to carry on in other areas of work.

These girls are so adorable! Their voices are so calming and soothing :)


I actually use Youtube to listen to covers of songs than the actual songs themselves… There is something refreshing about hearing actual live acoustic music, without any of that auto tune.

Finally, stuff I have learned in school that relates to something!

Groupon and Price Discrimination

This is why Groupon Deals are increasingly targeted towards middle aged females–because women take the time and energy “shop around” for the best manicure or wax deal.

When guys want a haircut, they just get a haircut. Very few of them are going to wait 2 weeks for the perfect Groupon Deal to come out so they can save 10 or 20 dollars.

The primary Groupon service to merchants is a 3rd degree price discrimination service. From the perspective of merchants, Groupon subscribers are a readily identifiable group. The observable characteristic is that they are Groupon subscribers. The service provides a way to target the market segment directly with a promotional message and offer. All a merchant has to do is to sign a contract for the service.

Is this really the case? How “discriminatory” is signing up for Groupon? Not very. I don’t know of a single person who is not subscribed to Groupon or LivingSocial. Not sure if I’m understanding how this is an example of third degree price discrimination…

Either way, I’m wondering if people are going to stop paying full price for haircuts, nail services, massages, oil changes, the like. I know I will never pay full price for a haircut again (or maybe I’ll just continue to get my 10 dollar Chinatown haircuts)

Dad says: What’s the point of Facebook? Why do I care about people I do not care about? Such a waste of time

Social Media… Makes you feel lonelier?

My dad represents the “older” generation that simply does not understand the need for Gen Y to connect, connect, and constantly connect.

I remember taking a break from Facebook sophomore year of college (only lasted one semester) because I found myself spending TOO MUCH TIME ON FACEBOOK and felt I could have used that time to focus on school or extracurriculars. I will admit, I felt very liberated from not having Facebook. While attending parties and such, I felt absolutely no pressure to take pictures or to dress up to look good in pictures. I didn’t care what fraternity was hosting what party that weekend. I didn’t care about knowing what my classmates did outside of class. I simply had no interest.

Not surprising, my GPA was the highest that semester.

Nowadays I use Facebook in order to follow companies and promotions. I log onto Facebook to check with the Groupon/LivingSocial/Scoutmob/Trubates deals are, what promotion Sephora has, what events are going around in San Francisco. I also use Facebook to read the news, since it’s very convenient to see all the headlines in one stop. I probably spend 75% of my time on Facebook reading non-social related things and the other 25%  responding to messages, updating content, and stalking people.

Back to the NYT Article… Facebook used to make me a little sad, sometimes. I think the problem with Facebook is seeing things you don’t want to see (cough, exboyfriends, cough). However with the new privacy settings Facebook has, being able to control the information you share and the information you receive, Facebook has been a great use of information and networking for me.

An example of how I have used Facebook…
-Found a great housing opportunity for my summer internship from a guy I met once at a formal. You think, “what’s the point of friending people you’ll never run into again?” The thing is, how do you know you’ll never run into them? For things like housing, or rideshare, it’s less risky leasing an apt from a friend of friend than from a random person on Craigslist.
-Getting rides from people from Duke to Myrtle Beach
-Selling my textbooks (in case, no shipping fees and no amazon merchant fees)

An example of how someone else used Facebook…
-A partner told a story how he used Facebook as a way to bring in client work. He met this guy several years ago, was Facebook friends with him, and all of a sudden received a random message about some work his facebook friend wanted to give to this company.WOW!

Nordstrom launches electronic receipts sent to your email

What a fabulous idea. I don’t understand the point of printing receipts–first, they are a complete waste of paper+bad for the environment+increase the lines at stores. For purchases that I know I won’t return (consumed items usually) I throw my receipt away. Receipts just take up too much space in my purse and what am I going to do with a receipt anyway? I guess I could save it to log onto a spreadsheet and calculate my budget for the month—but I thought that’s what is for. I guess people have a fear of credit cards charging them inadequately for a purchase, so if you have the receipt, you can claim evidence otherwise. However, this has never happened to me and I have never heard of this happening to anyone. If you get any kind of fraud, it’s because something entirely new was purchased from your card, not a different amount from what was printed on your receipt.

Nordstrom’s idea is ingenious. I hope other companies take suit. Nordstrom’s also has an excellent return policy, and now with electronic receipts, I will never have to worry about not having my receipt in order to return something.

VC CONFESSION: “I Have Doubts Once I Think Of Women Founders Having Kids And Being Distracted From Work

I admire him for being completely honest. It’s the big elephant in the room; everyone is thinking it, no one says anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are no female VCs

VC Confession

85-95% VCs are men