Why Yelp became more popular than Citysearch…

This was written 5 years ago in 2006, still holds true today!


You gotta make the people feel important! It’s not about the restaurant, it’s about the people feeling like they have authority to speak of a restaurant or service positively or negatively. I mean who doesn’t like to give their 2 cents and feel important?

Citysearch lacked the social networking aspect of the review program and therefore, lost out to Yelp.

Favorite Beauty Products OF ALL TIME

Because I am a beauty product junkie, here’s a list of the beauty products I love and swear by (and have been repurchased several times) 🙂

1. Mac Lipsticks (my favorite, in charismatic)

Mac lipsticks, by far, are the hands down best lipsticks out on the market. They are super pigmented, bright, dark, intense of color, and don’t seep into the cracks of your lips like other lipsticks do.

2. OPI Nailpolish (favorite is You Don’t Know Jacques). OPI Nail Polish creates such a glossy and ceramic look to your nails. I have not found a nail polish that gives off that same ceramic veneer that OPI nail polish does. Fun Fact: OPI nail polish was founded by a dentist!

3. Fiberwig Mascara. Makes your lashes insanely long since the fibers attach to your actual eyelashes. Also, super easy to remove!

4. Mac Paint Pots. Makes your eyeshadows stay on ALL DAY and gives that extra “omph” under your eyeshadows. Better than urban decay eyeshadow primer for making your eye shadows stay in place! (plus the applicator in the pot is way better!)

5. Mac Mineralize skin finish refined. Ok, so this product has been discontinued but I love Mac Mineralized Skin Finishes. You get this beautiful glow on your face that you can’t get from a blush or bronzer or highlighter. I think MSF in refined is a great multiuse product-you can use it as an all over highlighter, bronzer, or blush! Either way, you get this amazing look on your face

6. Trader Joe’s green tea shampoo and conditioner. OMG my favorite shampoo and conditioner product out on the market. I have tried almost everything out there, and this is hands down, my favorite. It’s pretty much all natural (no sulfates), tingles in your scalp, leaves your hair so fluffy and soft, and is just so easy to use! also at $3.99, you can’t get a better deal.

7. Makeup Forever Concealer. Just a good concealer. I’ve had one for 3 years and is still going strong. Is a little sticky and hard to blend in, but the coverage and lasting power is amazing. Also pretty good price to use ratio

8. Seche Vite Top Coat. Hands down, universally the best top coat out there. Makes your nails look super glossy as well as dries really quickly.

9. Shu Uumera eyelash curler. Universal beauty favorite. I don’t even know how the other eyelash curlers are still in business, to be honest.

10. Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eyeliner. Ok this is the best eyeliner out for under 5 dollars. The lasting power is pretty good, it’s easy to use, doesn’t end up creasing all over my eye (ugh) and just an overall good product. I’ve repurchased this like 7 times, no joke.

This essay written by William Deresiewicz is adapted from a talk delivered to a freshman class at Stanford in May. It covers questions and challenges faced by immeasurable numbers of young students across the nation.

Highlights include:

It means not just going with the flow. It means not just “getting into” whatever school or program comes next.

It means figuring out what you want for yourself, not what your parents want, or your peers want, or your school wants, or your society wants. Originating your own values. Thinking your way toward your own definition of success. Not simply accepting the life that you’ve been handed. Not simply accepting the choices you’ve been handed.

When you walk into Starbucks, you’re offered a choice among a latte and a macchiato and an espresso and a few other things, but you can also make another choice. You can turn around and walk out. When you walk into college, you are offered a choice among law and medicine and investment banking and consulting and a few other things,

but again, you can also do something else, something that no one has thought of before.

And most of all, don’t play it safe. Resist the seductions of the cowardly values our society has come to prize so highly: comfort, convenience, security, predictability, control. These, too, are nets. Above all, resist the fear of failure. Yes, you will make mistakes. But they will be your mistakes, not someone else’s. And you will survive them, and you will know yourself better for having made them, and you will be a fuller and a stronger person.

Lykke Li

I remember I was obsessed with her Sophomore year of college, when really no one knew who she was. She popped into my Pandora and I loved the song, “Dance, Dance, Dance”. It’s amazing to see how big of a deal she is now. Go Lykke!


I was watching room tours on Facebook, and here is what I ran into…

It’s so weird how you read about natural disasters in the news but you don’t really realize how it affects people. This video broke my heart. You don’t really think of people dying from natural disasters, but it makes you appreciate how precious life is.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVSeptS3kec&w=640&h=390]


From Article, “Why I hate San Francisco”