Canon Rebel T3i Review


Having lived in California for a year, I thought it’d be a great time to continue my trajectory of “sophisticated-ness” and buy a dslr. Because of course, you look so cool walking around Nob Hill with your dslr, your skinnies, toms, and a vintage dooney and bourke bag.

Besides the point. I needed a camera that could shoot video well. Because, you all know that I am a secret cinematographer. I couldn’t dish out a thousand dollars for a good camcorder, because I wanted a good camera as well. So after doing tons of research on the internet (through amazon, youtube, random google searches and blog posts), I came up with this baby

Canon Rebel T3i 600D


Pros: I love the flip out flip screen. It’s amazing for shooting self videos or self portraits.
Every time you switch to a different mode, there’s a brief description about what the mode does.

Cons: Takes a huge SDHC memory card for shooting video… I have 3 16GB SDHC memory cards for this purpose. And that adds up to a lot of $$$
Not exactly compact
There’s something about the colors I’m not thrilled about with the camera. The camera’s colors turn up a little flat… not sure how to describe it, but I’ve noticed in several people’s videos shot with the t3i and in their photos the colors look a little dull.

Otherwise, this is such a great camera and I’m very happy with it!

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Long time, no write

Well hello there!

I have written in my blog in the past month, but I have privatized all those entries. Perhaps I’m still a little too timid to have anything controversial or heated attached to my name.

My friend said something really great to me the other day. “You’re doing this because you want to start something, and you know it’s something people need. Others are doing this because they want to get 30 under 30 or something like that”

That touched me, because all I hope, is to live a genuine life for me and myself. It’d be great if I could get on 30 under 30, but I would never sacrifice my beliefs and dreams just to get a title like that. Titles, prestige, money, shouldn’t ever be compromised for who you are.

Anyway, my golden birthday was yesterday. Funny how you dream of having such a great party or event for your golden birthday, and then when it does happen, it’s the quietest little celebration ever. I went to Olive Garden with Derek (my 11 year old brother) and had spaghetti and meatballs and split a chocolate ganache cake which Derek devoured.

It’s funny how companies remember your birthday oh so well. Especially those in which you belong to their loyalty programs. Sephora, Ulta, Soup Plantation, Panera, Starbucks, Peet’s… all remembered my birthday 🙂

Anyway, ciao my lovely people 🙂

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