New Changes Coming to my Blog

Hello Everyone,

There will be new changes coming to my blog. This was simply a place for me to share information with others. However, as I have grown in the past year, I’ve realized the web has been a great platform for me to do what I love doing most: empowering others. Therefore, I plan to turn as a place to empower women in any and every aspect of their lives. You may know that I have a great obsession with beauty products; however, my obsession with beauty products is only a figment of my greater passion: empowering women to feel their best.

When I graduated college, I was somewhat insecure about how to act as a “wannabe successful woman trying to climb the corporate ladder”. I read articles and magazines on how women should talk, dress, be. I followed the rules of-not wearing floral prints to work, not apologizing, not talking too much, not writing lengthy emails, not mentioning any domestic or beauty/fashion related hobbies, not bringing muffins or cookies to others. However, by following all these “rules”, I felt I lost myself in a society that deems women cannot be successful unless they have “masculine” traits. Therefore, I ignored what brought me joy and happiness for solely the image “society created”.

After struggling with wishes of my parents, culture, and society, I finally took a leap of faith and went after what I loved.

The internet is amazing because it allows you to have an impact with such little capital and time; at the same time, it’s amazing because people are much more open and real online than in person. Through the internet, I was able to have an impact, and that feeling of being myself, doing what I loved, and affecting thousands of girls’ lives made me happier than anything else.

My plan is to create this blog into an area where any girls or any women can feel comfortable and secure, just the way they are. For me, the beautiful woman is someone who is genuine, confident, and comfortable in her own skin. She can do whatever the hell she wants to. She can be a CEO or a Victoria Secret Model. There is nothing she can’t do. The one thing they all have in common is these women go after what they want, and they go after it at full speed. The successful woman has balls. Two large balls, in fact. Double Ds. Ladyballs.

So to all my sisters who have ginormous ladyballs, stay tuned for the next chapter of my blog and life.