Side Crow Pose. Accomplished!

The reason why I love yoga more than any other exercise is that there is a measurable result and difference after you’ve been practicing for some time. You set a goal for each class or each month, and if you practice hard enough, you will achieve that goal. Your body begins to become more flexible and it becomes stronger with each class. Moreso, if you lack consistency in your practice you begin to step backward and undo all the conditioning and strength your body has prepared before. It’s important to be consistent with yoga, practicing at least 3 times a week so your body is in its best shape and form.

I have been able to do side crow pose! Here is a pic my brother took of me in side crow. Now this pic looks a little awkward, as he used some of his fancy iphone apps to edit it, but you get the gist!



I love Oprah Winfrey!

My best mentor 🙂

Full Episode of Oprah’s Lifeclass: the Tour: Tony Robbins on Living Fearlessly

During this broadcast from New York City’s famed Radio City Music Hall, Oprah and life coach Tony Robbins work with viewers to help them to start living fearlessly and to divorce themselves from the stories that are holding them back. Watch the entire show to discover ways to turn your fear into power. Get highlights from the show and behind the scenes from our Class Notes.

Why Pinterest is more addictive than Tumblr

So, being the nerd that I am, I forced myself to spend some time on Pinterest to really understand what makes Pinterest… well Pinterest. Addictive. Etc.

I’ve been on Pinterest several times, and have made several accounts. However, I’m not one to stay on Pinterest several hours as some of my friends do. I have always thought it was too similar as a tumblr, but here are some of the features that I admire that make it quite addicting.

1. Unlike Tumblr, there is no end of page. For some reason, users are really lazy. I’ve heard ridiculous statistics on how each additional step of a signup loses users by crazy percents. I would rather just scroll than hit “next” at the bottom of the page. The neverending amount of content that appears on a page is quite appealing

2. Asymmetrical Display of content. For some reason, the asymmetrical lines of the pins (instead of having them all vertical or horizontally displayed) give almost a cluttered, worn look to the site. It’s similar to having a bunch of photos strewn on a table. It looks lived in, a little dishelved, but not overwhelmingly messy.

3. Users’ profile pics next to their statement or comment.

4. Large amounts of white space. For some reason, all the big social media sites have a lot of white space. You never see one with a black background. Not sure why, it looks too 2001

5. Very easy to “repin”. All you do is click repin, select the board u want to pin it to, and tada! I think if Pinterest had a few additional steps, they would lose users and time on the site


We need women to start pink collared companies!

Make the woman your founder. Don’t just make her your guinea pig. Women know women. Have you read the female brain? We are complicated creatures. We’re not simple. We’re picky. We’re emotional.

Tell her she’s beautiful, more than once. Make her confident in her skin. She doesn’t want to be compared to Adriana Lima or Rosie Huntington. Make her feel beautiful, just the way she is.

I hope when I become 50, when I become a venture capitalist or an investor, that I will have so many women starting their own companies that it will not be an anomaly, but rather a norm, to see a female founder.


First Post!

Hello lovelies! So I realized I need to “organize” myself so I can create a brand 🙂 I actually love designing and creating websites; it’s so much fun! I think I love it because I am able to have a vision and execute on that vision. That is actually why I love my Youtube channel; I’m able to have control over it all 🙂

So I’ve changed my blog sites from blogger to wix to wordpress, and hopefully, it will stay permanently on wordpress. I am still trying to figure out whether to keep my beauty, professional, and personal blog together, or separate. Or separate but equal! (ha to Plessy vs. Ferguson) Not sure, because I do think a lot and my thoughts can’t be categorized into those three categories. Or because there would be too much overlap in content. Will still think about this.

Also, I’ve posted way too much stuff on Facebook, and I think people are getting annoyed. So here we go, now it’s posting on the blog 🙂