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Great Gatsby

I read the Great Gatsby back in high school, but I never really understood it outside a “I have to get an A on this exam” context.

Fast forward 10 years later, with the new movie coming out, I realize this world is full of people chasing superficial fluff.

The moral of the world and human nature is: be happy with yourself.

So many people are not happy with themselves, so they try to chase. Chase women, chase money, chase fame, chase status. Perhaps that’s why those who chase those things cannot be in satisfying relationships.

Chasing, at the expense of all costs, will only lead to unhappiness, and in Great Gatsby’s case, death.

Now there is a difference between chasing your dreams for your dream’s sake and chasing the above for a validation sake. You need to be secure with yourself first before you can chase anything. If you are not secure, and use “chasing” to validate yourself, well you are going to live a life of unhappiness.

Look at The Great Gatsby: he chased all these things in the world to win over the love of Daisy, but even so, it wasn’t real.

Perhaps that’s why I love Perfect Beauty so much. You have to love yourself and realize, even if you have flaws and imperfections, you are still PERFECT the way you are. There doesn’t need to be validation from men, makeup, or others.

What am I chasing? I just want to impact as many people as I can. I just want as many people to feel good about themselves. This whole fundraising, ROI, cap tables, etc. is all a distraction. If it impacts people, then the money will flow, but you cannot chase money for money’s sake.

Reminds me of Lana Del Rey’s Song,