So much has changed

I haven’t written in here for over 10 months. A lot has changed. The biggest change has been that time goes by a lot faster when you get older.

Another change? I used to live off Groupons and free food; now I find the process of searching for Groupons to be a waste of time. Time is my most valuable asset now. It used to be money. I think that’s what happens when you get older.

Few things I’ve learned in 10 months:

1. There is never a “right” time to do something. You either bite the bullet or you don’t. You can wait forever and the right time will never happen.

2. Get cell phone and data service when you travel internationally. The money you save+hassle you save=priceless.

3. Don’t mix friends and business. Or friends and roommates. Or friends and anything, for that matter.

4. Every positive in life has a cost. Every success has costs. There is no free lunch.

5. Don’t choose your branding or influencer name as “daiserz89”. I will never be able to lie about my age + who the hell can spell “daiserz” except for me?

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